Chapter 2 – How to Raise Up to Unity Consciousness

The previous  chapter provided you with basic information regarding Ascension, Prime Creator, and why we are here on Earth. At its simplest, we are here on Earth to experience a massive Shift in Earth’s and Humanity’s Collective Consciousness from a selfish “me verses you” existence to a higher level  “we are truly all aspects of the One Prime Creator” or what is commonly known as Unity Consciousness with Permanent Heart Opening. When we are existing in Unity Consciousness, we feel this knowing that we are one with everything on Earth in our heart. We lose all desire to harm others or to judge others when we reach this state of consciousness. We accept all others as we would close family no matter race, color, creed, religious background.

So how do we get from intellectually knowing that this is true to both feeling AND knowing that this is true?

The Secret is to desire it and ask for it.

It’s that simple.

To determine if you are ready for this leap, answer these questions:

Do you desire to live with an open heart where you accept all whom you meet with a smile and open arms?

Do you desire to live in a state of consciousness where you don’t judge others and allow them to be the way they are without condemnation?

Can you release any desire to control others and to honor all other’s universal right to Free Will – including your children?

Can you forgive those people in your life who have been the most cruel to you?

Can you accept control over your life and your choices and no longer blame others for your condition?

Will you help others when they ask for help without judging them or putting conditions on your help?

If you answered “yes’ to all of the above then you are ready for Unity Consciousness.

Ask Prime Creator to help you live with a Permanent Heart Opening in the form of  a prayer if you so desire it. If you do not then why waste time reading this?

To live with a Permanent Heart Opening requires that you desire and ask for it. In a quiet place without interruption, silently ask Prime Creator that you wish to live with a Permanent Heart Opening. Breath in deep and hold for three heartbeats and release the breath with a sigh and hold for three heart beats and then breath in deep again. With every deep in-breath, ask Prime Creator for a Permanent Heart Opening. Keep doing this as many times as you are inspired to do so. The more times you do this the more that you show you are desiring to live with an open heart.

When you truly desire this and ask for a Permanent Heart Opening from Prime Creator. Prime Creator will provide you with this Divine Dispensation.

A Permanent Heart Opening is a Special Gift From Prime Creator to ALL Earth Humans – No Exceptions.

A Permanent Heart Opening from the Prime Creator is a special Divine Dispensation that is given to all 7-plus billion Earth humans as a gift. No one is excluded. During this special time of Earth Ascension, even a murderer who truly desires to live in Unity Consciousness with a Permanent Heart Opening can sincerely ask Prime Creator and will receive it. Prime Creator judges no one and forgives all. There is only one rule: You must desire the Permanent Heart Opening and you must ask for it.

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