Chapter 3 – Overcoming Barriers to Unity Consciousness with Permanent Heart Opening

It is ironic that most are in a state Unity Consciousness with Permanent Heart Opening at birth.

Traumatic environmental experiences can close the heart and our physical, emotional, mental state, and personality can keep us from re-opening the heart and once again experience Unity Consciousness.  

It is helpful to understand the general ways that your own physical body, environment, emotional, and mental state can interfere and block.

Lets first examine physical barriers.

Physical barriers that can inhibit your ability to achieve Heart Opening can include the following:

  • Mind altering pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs or alcohol
  • Physical damage in your body that is resulting in pain or discomfort
  • Hunger, thirst and lack of sleep
  • Catastrophic environments where natural and man-made disasters are occurring
  • Warfare or combat
  • Extreme temperature variations in your immediate environment
  • Noisy environments
  • Lack of privacy
  • Constant interruptions
  • Others trying to control or coerce you

Remedies for Physical Barriers

If you truly desire, taking action to remove yourself from these physical barriers will help to clear your path to Ascension and beyond.

If you are healing from physical damage or injuries, wait for the healing to complete and for you to feel free from the symptoms and pain of the injuries or physical ailments.  Engage your medical doctors for physical healing in addition to the other healing methods discussed later in this chapter.

If you are suffering from a chronic ailment that is causing continuous pain and discomfort, then please continue to the section regarding Remedies for Outer Waking Consciousness Barriers.

If you are ingesting mind altering pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, or alcohol.  stopping  their use during your Ascension Process greatly enhances your ability to clear the parts of your personality that need to be cleared for Permanent Heart Opening.   It is advisable to seek medical help for the withdrawal of these substances from your physical system.

If you are in any environment that is a physical barrier, then removing yourself from the environment is the most desirable action to take. However, you may find yourself in a situation where you cannot withdraw from an environment that is a barrier. You can still practice, as much as possible, practices found in Chapter 4 – Praying for Emotional and Other Healing. Many humans have been able to complete Permanent Heart Opening in environments that are less than perfect or are considered barriers. You may call upon Prime Creator to protect you, remove barriers, and to give you strength during your Heart Opening process.

Personality Barriers

The strongest barrier that many come across in performing this Heart Opening process is their personality or ego. We, as humans in this Earth school, have developed our personality  to protect us from emotional and physical trauma and pain. The personality is  a construct made up of all of our experiences and memories and is designed to avoid pain and pursue pleasure. Emotional trauma is a reaction that we have to situations that we perceive as hurtful and that we wish not to happen again. With each emotional upset or trauma, our personality – which believes that it is all alone on Earth and therefore must protect itself or it will be destroyed – develops a behavioral remedy called a record or pattern that will be used in the future if the same situation occurs again. These protective records are stored in memory and in the physical nervous system and are automatically used whenever a situation triggers it.

Over time, our personality turns us into creatures of reaction. Even if the records that are being used are no longer helpful, they will continue to be triggered and played out in thoughts, emotions, speech, and action patterns.

Typical examples of records are:

  • You treat all people that are spiritual with hate because you were once spiritual and you witnessed others or yourself being attacked emotionally and/or physically for being spiritual. As a result, your ego considered displaying to others spiritual beliefs as being dangerous and inciting attack.  Your personality then created thought, emotion, speech, and behavior records that sought to hide and suppress your beliefs as a way to avoid the possibility of getting attacked.
  • When you are offered a gift by another,  you refuse to accept the gift because, in your past, you accepted gifts from others, and later, those gift givers became hurtful or traumatizing to you. Your outer waking consciousness linked the act of receiving gifts with the later trauma.  As a result, your outer waking consciousness created thought, emotion, speech and action records that sought to avoid all gifts as a way to defend against possible future trauma from the gift giver.

These two examples are among many records that can  be created by your personality as a strategy to avoid emotional or physical pain.

Conversely, your personality will also develop records that it perceives as successful in providing pleasure. This can give rise to many addictions.

The more emotional and physical trauma that you experience in early childhood, the more records that you have which trigger unique reactive responses. Many times these responses include thoughts of hate, guilt, attachment, jealousy,  bitterness and desire for vengeance.

Furthermore, these thoughts being triggered by your outer waking consciousness causes a disruption in the flow of Prime Creator energy into your body. Disruption of Prime Creator energy flow will manifest as chronic physical conditions.

Removing the records removes the thoughts and emotions that are causing the disruptions of Prime Creator energy. This will allow the professional medical treatment that you are receiving from your medical doctors  to provide permanent healing. Prayers for healing can be a powerful way to remove these records.

Remedies for Personality Barriers

The remedies for removing the barriers of your personality include Forgiveness and Acceptance of Others, Forgiveness and Acceptance of Self, Asking, through prayer, that Prime Creator remove Expectations, Attachments, & Fear, and Conscious Breathing to reduce unwanted thoughts.

  • Forgiveness and Acceptance of Others

The first remedy is Forgiveness and Acceptance of Others. Forgiveness of those that have created emotional or physical trauma within you will cause any records associated with that person to melt away and disappear.

Why is it so important to forgive? We are truly all One. We share the same universal consciousness. We are all a part of Prime Creator. Projecting hate, bitterness, and vengeance out to others is the same as projecting hate, bitterness, and vengeance out to God. Even the most mean person that you know is an aspect of Prime Creator who is afflicted with a diseased personality. All evil and hurtful people, since they are diseased can be cured. Cured people naturally exhibit the normal qualities of Prime Creator which is happiness, acceptance and joy. When a diseased personality lashes out to others, that person is telling the universe that it is injured and needs help. Treat all who have lashed out at you as someone who needs healing.

  • How to Forgive and Accept

To forgive someone who has departed or is alive but you do not wish to communicate with directly, you may use a simple Forgiveness and Acceptance Visualization Method.

  • Forgiveness and Acceptance Visualization Method

In a quiet, private space, breath in deep, hold for 7 or 3 heart beats, and then exhale. Hold at the out-breath for 7 or 3 heart beats and then inhale to start the cycle anew. Perform this for 10 cycles.

Close your eyes and visualize the person that you wish to Forgive and also to ask for Forgiveness.

Say out loud or in your mind, “I forgive you for the trauma that I am holding against you. I release the bitterness and hate. I wish you peace as you continue your journey. I accept you just as you are. I also am sorry for the hate and bitterness that I have been holding against you. Please Forgive and Accept me just as I am.”

Imagine that person smiling at you with forgiveness. Imagine you two hugging.

Say out loud or in your mind, “Thank you. I love you. God bless you.”

Perform the step one breathing method for 10 cycles.

Open your eyes and immediately think about something that gives you joy.

Go and do some activity that gives you joy.

Afterwards, if you find yourself dwelling upon the old memories, ask Prime Creator to remove these memories and to provide memories  that bring you joy and happiness. Repeat this every time that you find yourself dwelling upon past traumatic events that you have forgiven.

  • This Is Really Happening at the Soul Level

While this method seems to exist only within your mind and imagination, the act of performing it happens at the soul level between your soul and the other person’s soul. You are really having this interaction!

  • If You Experience Difficulty

If you find yourself having a hard time forgiving certain people because of the trauma induced, seek assistance from Prime Creator through prayer, energy healing (explained in a later section) as well as drug free psychotherapy from a licensed practitioner.  After Energy Healing and psychotherapy, again perform the Forgiveness and Acceptance Visualization Method.

  • Forgive All

Go back into time and perform the Forgiveness and Acceptance Visualization Method with every single person that you perceive has injured you. Start with your earliest memories and move forward in time. If you have a history of abuse with someone, you may have to perform the Forgiveness and Acceptance Visualization Method many times with the same person.

Forgiving all may take a few weeks. This is normal to have many persons through your lifetime needing the Forgiveness and Acceptance Visualization Method.

It is important to be persistent with this. The more you perform the Forgiveness and Acceptance Visualization Method, the easier it gets.

  • Forgive Accept and Love Yourself

Forgiveness also includes forgiving yourself. Your outer wakening consciousness may have created records that are focused upon emotional trauma that it has blamed yourself for instigating. These records may be manifesting as self-hate, judgement, bitterness and shame. Forgive yourself and these records will dissolve.

Many on Earth at young ages blame themselves or are ashamed of themselves for acting in a way that hurt others or triggered judgment with others. At a young age we learn to judge ourselves harshly for these perceived bad actions. We carry this self-judgement as shame and develop a self-hate for have those actions and for not being perfect.

If we carry self-hate we will never be able to truly Love, Forgive and Accept ourselves and others.

Prime Creator wishes for you to know that you have done nothing wrong. Those things that you judge yourself harshly are learning experiences for you. You are on a learning planet and it is natural to make mistakes and learn from them.

When a toddler is making their first steps and then falls down, do you blame the toddler for falling down and not being  perfect? Of course not. Falling down and getting back up to try again is a natural part of the human experience! Whether it is a toddler falling down while learning to walk or you accidentally saying something that offended another, it is all just learning experiences.

So forgive and accept yourself as being normal when you make what you call mistakes.

  • Forgive All the Shameful Things that You Place Blame Upon Yourself

Go back into time and perform the Forgiveness and Acceptance Visualization Method on yourself for every single incident where you have judged yourself with shame, regret, and self-hate. Start with your earliest memories and move forward in time. It is normal to perform on yourself the Forgiveness and Acceptance Visualization Method many times.

Forgiving all may take a few days. This is normal.

  • Energy Healing

Thoughts such as hate, jealousy, anger, fear, anxiety, cause blockages of energy flows within the chakra system of the body. These blockages cause the feelings and thought of past traumatic events to continuously flood your thoughts.

Energy healing unblocks the chakras. After Energy Healing, a person with free flowing chakras will feel relaxed and peaceful. This condition will last as long as that person’s outer waking consciousness substitutes all angry, hateful, fearful thoughts with those of joy, acceptance and happiness.

Undisciplined  outer waking consciousnesses, however, tend to re-block chakras after one or two weeks. It is advisable to receive Energy Healing every two weeks and to get drug free psychotherapy from a licensed practitioner. A faith based Cognitive Behavioral therapist will incorporate prayer into therapy which is very effective.

Three of the most common modes of Energy Healing are Reiki Healing, Crystal Therapy, and Acupuncture. There are many more that are available. These three are mentioned because a quick web search will usually return the addresses of practitioners nearby where you live.

You can also take classes and become certified in Reiki Healing and Crystal Therapy. Becoming certified in these healing modalities allows you to perform self-healing as well as heal your family and friends.

  • After Energy Healing

It is recommended that you immediately perform the Forgiveness and Peace Visualization Method after a Reiki Healing or Crystal Therapy Healing as well as perform the Prayers in Chapter 4.

What Next?

Continue this cycle of Forgiveness and Energy Healing until you feel that you want to perform a prayer cycle with Prime Creator  that will lead to your Permanent Heart Opening.

We wish you Happiness, Joy, Peace, Prosperity, and a Permanent Heart Opening!

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