Chapter 4 – Praying for Emotional and Other Healings

Belief, trust , and faith that I, Prime Creator, will heal you – if you ask – is the largest determining factor as to how successful praying for healing will have upon you.

Those with strong faith will receive the strongest healings. Doubt and mistrust in Me will block healing. You are doing the blocking – not I.

One individual who has been using the prayers that you are about read has found himself without any desire – at all – to judge others, situations, or his environment. He merely accepts all as it comes and responds appropriately from the heart. Truly this is the ideal state be in. He has not lost his ability to defend himself nor has he lost the ability to have a good time. He is merely enjoying life without greed, hate and other selfish responses of the ego interfering.

His ego is still there and , occasionaly, a hidden emotional hurt surface that he quickly prays for help in removing.

Other individuals find the need to have a combination of psychotherapy, energy healing and prayer to get to the same place. All are different and all have different levels of faith – the less faith in Me the more need for other therapies.

As mentioned in an earlier chapter, you live in a Universe that includes Free Will. You agreed to this before entering this universe. Free Will means one simple thing: If you do not ask for My help, I cannot give it.

The prayers you are  about to learn are a way of asking for help and for clearing any damage that you may have done to others with the asking of forgiveness. When you ask Me for forgiveness for something that you have done for another and it is from the heart, it is forgiven.

The following collection of prayers are self explanatory. Use them as soon as possible after you realize that you have had a thought, action, or emotion that is hateful, fearful, judgmental, addictive, filled with anxiety, or otherwise unharmonious with you and others.

It is also a good idea to pray these in the morning and again in the evening as a way of cleansing things you may not be aware of.


Your ego will try very hard to convince you that these prayers are useless and not needed. I have witnessed many use these transformative prayers for a short time and experience real healing only to have the ego convince themselves that it is no longer of importance. You have been warned.

The Prime Creator’s Prayer for Multiple Emotional Healings

I ask the Prime Creator to take from me these selfish emotions and all of their root causes and replace them with Divine Peace, Christ Love and Christ Acceptance.

Please forgive me for my actions resulting from these emotions as I forgive all those who had a part in the root causes of these emotions.

Thank you, Prime Creator, for these Healings.

I Love You!

The Prime Creator’s Prayer for Healing Multiple Addictions

I ask Prime Creator to take from me these addictions and all of their root causes and replace them with Divine Abstinence, Divine Wisdom, Christ Love and Christ Acceptance of self and others.

Please forgive me for my actions resulting from these addictions as I forgive all those who had a part in the root causes of these addictions.

Thank you, Prime Creator, for these Healings.

I love You!

The Prime Creator’s Prayer for Help

I ask Prime Creator for Help.

Please provide assistance and please show me the Way.

Thank you, Prime Creator, for this Help.

I love You!

The Prime Creator’s Prayer For Total Surrender

Dear Prime Creator, I ask that You remove from me all resistance and all the root causes of the resistance that I have towards completely surrendering my mind, body and soul to You. Please replace this resistance with total and absolute Surrender to You, my Dear Prime Creator, whom I place above all. Thank You, I Love You.

Does the last prayer trigger fear in you? Fear not. I am no false god. You could replace the name Prime Creator with another that is more popular on this planet: The One True Most High God. Surrendering to Prime Creator allows you to receive guidance that is for your highest good and for the highest good of all. Since I created you and all other living things, surrendering to My guidance allows for a life that will be fulfilling and joyful for you. I am beyond time and space and I can see the best route for your happiness and the happiness of all those around you. My goal with all who surrender to my guidance is to provide a life of maximum happiness (but not at the expense of others). At first, it may not seem that way because I may guide you to wait before jumping into a new activity or to avoid certain people. Your ego will resist because it wants to do what it wants to do, no matter how harmful it may be to self and others.

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