Chapter 5 – Prayer for a Permanent Heart Opening

By now, you should be on a daily regimen of praying for healing as described in Chapter 4. Many will find themselves in and out of a state of open heartedness. Some will spontaneously trigger a permanent heart opening. Some will find themselves feeling less agitated and fearful but not yet feeling open hearted to all.

Still others are already in a state of permanent heart opening but still have the habit of criticizing people, places, situations and ideas.

Finally a few of you are open hearted and accept reality as it is without judgement.

I you truly are in this state then you can skip to Chapter 7 – After Permanent Heart Opening: An Introduction to a New Life.

For the rest, continue to use the healing prayers found in Chapter 4 and also add the following prayer to you evening prayers.

Remember, you must have a strong and total desire to never want to hate another person or have hateful thoughts of any kind for yourself or Prime Creator to bring you to this state.

Prayer for Permanent Heart Opening and Eradication of Judgement and Opinions

“I call upon the Most High Prime Creator— for the next 90 days – to remove from me all barriers and their root causes that are keeping me from a permanent heart opening. Also remove from me all judgements, and opinions and their root causes, and replace all of these things with Divine Wisdom, Infinite Diving Patience towards all persons and situations, a permanent heart opening, and Divine Realization that we are all One with Prime Creator, and that hating another is hating myself. Thank you for this Divine Dispensation.”

If you say this prayer with sincere desire, you will notivce a profound difference in your inner landscape within 90 days.

If the prayers in Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 appear to be having no effect upon you then continue to Chapter 6 – Root Cause Issues.

If you have gotten to a place of Open Heartedness with Unity Consciousness, time to discover how to live in this new condition: Chapter 7 – After Permanent Heart Opening: An Introduction to a New Life.