Chapter 6 – Root Cause Issues

In a perfect Universe, all who have the desire to live in a state of no hate and no selfishness and who perform the prayers in Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 would be able to transform into a state of Unity Consciousness with a Permanent Heart Opening.

However, this is not a perfect universe and things can go awry.

If you have dutifully progressed from Chapter 1 through Chapter 5 and performed everything suggested and you still find yourself flooded with angry or selfish emotions, thoughts, and actions then you may be lying to yourself.

Self Deception – The Ego’s Trickiest Weapon

Lying to oneself, known as self deception or delusion, is a habit that a person’s ego quickly discovers as a way to overcome any emotional pain resulting from guilt for knowingly performing thoughts, words, or actions that harm others. Over time, the ego will delude itself and convince itself with elaborate stories and rationalizations about how the hurtful words and deeds are justifiable and that the other person “deserves” what is being given to them.

In this delusional state, a person can perform evil actions and still consider themselves ready for Unity Concioussness with a Permanent Heart Opening.

A person in a delusional state will be absolutely convinced that there must be something wrong with these prayers. Indeed, the delusion can be so deep that the ego will deny the very existence of Prime Creator before ever admitting that is less than perfect.

Try This:

Be honest with yourself. Do you suspect that you are delusional? Seek professional counseling to bring this to the surface while continuing to use the prayers from Chapters 4 and Chapter 5. Avoid medications that may be pushed upon you. This issue cannot be fixed with meds.

Messiah Complex – A Pernicious Form of Narcissism

A person who wants to be leader of people because it feels good is not only a narcissist but has a Messiah Complex. Ask yourself these questions:

Do you have a desire to “be somebody” or to “be famous?”
Do you feel emotionally energized and superior to others and become happier when you are: the center of attention; others compliment you; others come to you for advice; you receive public attention through media and awards; when you order others around and they follow your direction; when you act as another person’s healer, mentor, or spiritual advisor.

If you said yes to one or more of these questions or situations then Narcissism / Messiah Complex may be one of the issues blocking you from Unity Consciousness with a Permanent Heart Opening.

In fact you may secretly be wanting to achieve Unity Consciousness with a Permanent Heart Opening so that you can feel special and achieve more attention and adulation from others! The ego is devious in it’s ways! Prime Creator knows your secrets and can’t help you if you want this for selfish reasons.

Try This:

Again, honesty with self is the best policy. You will know in your heart if this is true of you.

The answer here is to seek out a cognitive behavior therapist (CBT) and discuss your suspicions that you might be a narcissist. The CBT will be of great help in identifying your personality disorders and to help educate you on what is normal and not normal (ask for this).

CBT alone will help with giving you a true picture of what personality disorders that you may have but it is calling in Prime Creator for help in removing these personality disorders that is the one fully guaranteed way of becoming healed.

A warning about CBTs: You may find yourself with an atheist CBT who is dead set against you praying. Before choosing a CBT, ask if him / her if they are comfortable with a faith-based approach.

During your time with a CBT, please continue to use the prayers in Chapters 4 and 5 as well this additional prayer:

Prayer for Healing of Narcissism and Other Personality Disorders

“I call upon the most high benevolent Divine Power in the Universe, the Prime Creator, to remove from me all traces of all forms of narcissism and any other personality disorder that I have and all of their root causes and replace all with a genuine desire to serve you for highest good of All and to be kind and compassionate to all. Please forgive me for my actions resulting from these root causes as I forgive all who had a part in these root causes. Thank you, Prime Creator. Please Bless All”

The Unique Challenge of Every Narcissist or Person with other Personality Disorders

There is a tragic challenge that every narcissist must overcome – the decision to give up Narcissism. Over the years, many narcissists (and with other personality disorders) have been rewarded emotionally and materially by being the way they are. You might feel the reluctance to let go of your selfish, narcissistic ways. You may be willing to overlook the harm that you cause others from acting in your mental and emotionally diseased state. You might decide to remain in your current state. There is no cure for you if you don’t want to give up your selfish ways. You must make the decision on your own and you can’t blame anyone else for it.

After you become aware of your state and the damage that you cause others, you may also lapse into delusion or self hate. Be aware that if you want to escape these traps, you must decide to sincerely, from the heart, ask for help from the Prime Creator with the prayers presented here.

You are the one that needs to decide to become mentally, emotionally and spiritually healed. To deny this is to allow the ego to keep you from achieving your fullest potential.