Chapter 7 – After Permanent Heart Opening: An Introduction to a New Life

An important first points regarding life after Unity Consciousness’ and Permanent Heart Opening:

You will still need to Pray for Healing

Prime Creator will transform you into Unity Consciousness based on a number of criteria such as your sincerity and desire and your ability to be less selfish.

Once you reach the appropriate thresholds and you ask for this directly from Prime Creator then a startling transformation will take place. You will feel what can only be described as multiple electrical shocks pulsating through the body. Your senses will become heightened and you will feel more alive.

However, you will still have a reservoir of emotional hurts and addictions that will still need to be cleaned out. You will know these because you will still be triggered by situations and events. When you are triggered, go back and use the prayers in Chapter 4 and Chapter 5.

You Will Need to Protect Yourself from Those Who Wish to Harm you with Deception and Selfishness

While you may have changed, the people around you have not. Many are around you may be selfish and deceptive. Many who are deceptive have been so for a life time and are very good at it. Research the psychological conditions known as psychopathy, Sociopathy, Narcissism, and Covert Narcissism (the most deceptive of all). Discontinue associating with those who have these afflictions for they will destroy your Unity Consciousness and harm you.